Friday, July 08, 2005

After 19 days on hunger strike, Akbar Ganji has written a letter from the prison saying incase of his death, Khameni Is Ganji's executioner :

A Letter to Free People Every Where

Nineteen days have passed since I began my hunger strike. I have lost nineteen kilograms. I am imprisoned. I do not have permission to make phone calls or read newspapers. I have been denied visitation. I cannot walk outside my cell. The liars say they have no political prisoners. They say the political prisoners are not on hunger strike. They distort the facts by calling a cell a suite, saying that prisons are as comfortable as they can be in a hotel! Calling a donkey a parrot does not miraculously turn the donkey into a parrot! Prisoner is someone whose liberty has been taken away. Does calling a prison a hotel change the nature of the prison? A political prisoner is someone who speaks his conscience. We are arrested solely because we differ from what is permitted. Human rights organizations are aware how hundreds of people have been imprisoned only because of different views. The liars change their words. First they say Ganji is in solitary confinement. Next he is on hunger strike. Then they say Ganji has to be punished. Next they quote doctors that Ganji has asthma. Have the doctors prohibited Ganji from visitations, reading newspaper, making or receiving phone calls, breathing fresh air, or seeing the sunlight? Is it why you have sent a smuggler who is sentenced to 15 years in prison to my cell in order to murder me? If punishment is to force me show remorse for my manifests, you will not achieve your objective. Iranian Stalinists have inherited these techniques from Stalin's interrogators. I have written the republicanism manifests after much research and study. I will not take back my word. I will not show remorse. I will not stop my hunger strike until I reach my goal.
Today my weary face reflects the true face of the Islamic republic of Iran's regime. Today I am the symbol of justice. Look closely and you see the regime's injustice. People wonder if I am the same person they once knew. Their torture has reduced my weight from 77kg to 58kg. They hide me from the world. They hide me from the journalists.

Khamanei will be directly responsible for my death. Mortazavi gets his orders from Khamanei via Hejazi (Khamenei's chief of staff). I am against Khamanei's unlimited lifetime rule because it is contradictory to the rule of people. I knew my statements would have ramifications and I was right. Even Rafsanjani, Karoubi, and Moin tasted a bit of Khamenei's democracy in this election. One-man rule contradicts democracy. In this system, one man orders and the rest have to obey. Mortazavi has told my wife that hundreds die everyday, Ganji could be one of them. These are Khamenei’s words that are spoken by Mortazavi. Ganji may die but seeking liberty, justices, democracy, hope, dream, and ideals will never die. Loving one another and making sacrifices will always stay alive.

Akbar Ganji

June 29th 2005
Translated by the weblog of " Zane Irani - Iranian Women


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