Wednesday, July 27, 2005 Hosted News and Activities: "The following statement was expressed by Mr. Akbar Ganji on the Evening of July 24, 2005 in Milad hospital (Source: Iran Emrooz):
Taking into consideration the project to kill me staged by the 'Eminence of all Gray Eminences', Saeed Mortazavi, the media arm of the chain murders [of the dissidents], parallel unofficial intelligence organizations [within the power structure in Iran] and my imprisonment in quarantine on the twelfth floor of Milad hospital and the fact that I am being held under worse conditions than those I had to bear in Evin prison, I absolutely refuse to undergo any operations and since the afternoon of Saturday July 23, 2005 I have disconnected all the feeding tubes necessary for the operation.
The unbearable illegal condition I am held in includes: depriving me of visiting my lawyers- Ms. Shirin Ebadi and Dr. Molaee-, of using the telephone, of read newspapers, of visiting my friends, limiting the visits of my family members in a discriminatory fashion (All other patients in the hospital are allowed to have visits with anyone they like every day of the week), and pressuring me to undergo operation without the knowledge of my family from the prosecutor�s office.
While my weight has been reduced from 77kg to 52kg in 45 days of hunger strike, I will under no circumstances give my consent to be operated on and I have disconnected all the feeding tubes needed for the operation since Saturday afternoon July 23, 2005 and consume only water, tea and sugar, and I have told the security team very clearly to return me to prison. I will never succumb to the projects devised by the 'Eminence of all Gray Eminences' and I insist explicitly that Mr. Shahroudi must take this case out of the hands of Saeed Mortazavi.
Saeed Mortazavi told me on the very night I was transported to the hospital: 'I "


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